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Who is Italian Food And Wine?

Italian Food & Wine is an online portal that allows anyone (individuals and business customers) to order typical Italian artisanal products selected by all the Regions of Italy (including some Slow Food presidents), directly from producers (farmers, breeders, fishermen, small artisan producers).
All this by skipping the steps of traditional distribution and thus allowing you to get exceptional and unique products at a low price.
We also choose qualitatively superior products in their reference reality.

The ITALIAN FOOD AND WINE company is the result of over ten years experience in the management of restaurants and collective catering.
In fact, the managing director and founder of the company, Dott. Stefano Cautero, has for decades been the managing director of companies that manage collective catering services and restaurants (see In Mensa Srl – Italy).

Why Italian Food And Wine?

The idea arises from the passion for high quality food and refinement present in Italian gastronomy.
In fact, original Italian IGP and PDO products are treated, peculiar products of Italy itself (wine from the eastern hills PDO and PGI, hams from San Daniele, Parma, Langhirano, cured meats from the various Italian regions – Calabria, Emilia, Tuscany etc … – olive oil artisan, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Sardo, Romano, Toscano etc …).

How long will I receive the products?

The company proposes to bring directly on the table artisan and genuine Italian products directly from the Producer to the Consumer, at a fair price and accessible within 48-72 hours.

“Italians just eat better!”

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